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We produce sawn timber, paneling, decking, pellets, firewood,
garden furniture and other wood products in accordance
with international standards and requirements of our clients.


We provide service of both national and international
transport of goods and loads.

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MEDEKS-PROM LTD is a company which produces and sales sawn timber,
floors, components for palette and other wooden products.

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By applying contemporary procedures, we produce a variety of wooden products.

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We are one of the leading companies when it comes to production and sale of wooden products.

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With our large vehicle fleet, we are capable of both national and international transport.

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We provide a variety of services in wood processing, earthmoving work, technical inspection of vehicles, etc.

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Our main responsibility is to be completely worthy of our client's thrust. We listen to our client's demands and their desire to buy products made of FSC® (FSC-C116152) certified materials and try to completely fulfill their requirements.


Our responsibility is to contribute to the development of social and economic sphere and to honor the culture and ambience of our market. Our goal is to provide our suppliers and distributors with an opportunity to realize certain profit.


Management of MEDEKS-PROM efficiently provides monitoring and managing of certified materials and wooden products, correct labeling and sale.

About company

MEDEKS-PROM LTD was founded in Šipovo in 1991. Since then, MEDEKS-PROM LTD has grown into a appreciable company which has 130 employees in saw timber production and 10 more outside the production line.

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